Why We Chose to be a Recruitment Consultancy over an Agency by PureKat Consultancy

Why We Chose to be a Recruitment Consultancy over an Agency

At PureKat Consultancy, we always pride ourselves on our quality standards and a dedication to service that sets us apart from the rest. We have always been a client and candidate focused company, with long terms goals of partnering with our clients and candidates in order to aid them with their growth and plans for their futures. Our focus on quality and clients is just one of many reasons that we chose to establish ourselves as a Recruitment Consultancy rather than a Recruitment Agency.

The tendency with Recruitment Agencies is to prioritise quantity of role filling and vacancies over quality of positions and candidates, and that just isn’t the PureKat way. We will never spam a client with irrelevant candidate CVs, all candidates sent are thoroughly vetted and relevant to the job role and company culture.

We understand that purely matching a number of keywords on a CV to a job description isn’t the most effective way to select candidates. We have a detailed recruitment process, powered by our uncanny knack for matchmaking. Each member of the PureKat team has a thorough understanding of key industry sectors, as well as detailed local knowledge of the Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Hertfordshire job markets, which helps us to identify the right candidates for the right positions.

Rather than filling roles quickly and carelessly, we offer a more detailed, conscientious approach that involves obtaining detailed knowledge of our client’s businesses and candidate goals. Once we have a full understanding of the needs of our clients, we can recommend candidates based on who is best suited for the job role. We are so sure of our ability to match the best candidate for the job that we offer a number of guarantees – our service is measured by our skill to find a perfect match and based on success rather than commission.

Because we know that no two businesses are alike, we don’t offer a one size fits all approach like a standard recruitment agency. Like our name sake the cat, we know the importance of being flexible and adaptable. When you work with PureKat, you will receive a recruitment solution that is tailored exactly to your company’s specific needs. Being a consultancy means that we can offer a totally bespoke service that is designed to give you the perfect solution for your business. We investigate the specific requirements and challenges that face our clients and candidates, so that we can deliver bespoke solutions for each job role, ensuring the perfect match.

We pride ourselves on building and nurturing relationships with our clients and candidates. We want to create and add real, long term value to our clients’ businesses and our candidates’ careers. We consider ourselves an elite recruitment consultancy, so we are discerning with the clients and candidates that we work with. Being a consultancy means that we pride ourselves on doing our job to our very best ability.

Our biggest aim to alleviate stress levels for our clients. We know that the circumstances that lead to a requirement for new staff are probably already causing stress and difficulties. With our deep understanding of the intricacies in recruiting employees, our team work hard to relieve this stress. Every day we work hard across key industry sectors, to hire both temporary and permanent employees at all skill levels. Our goal is to find the best person for a vacancy, as quickly and cost effectively as possible, without creating extra stress or being an additional burden on our clients’ time.

At PureKat Consultancy, we work hard to develop long-term, understanding relationships with our clients and candidates. We know there’s nothing worse than recruiting the wrong candidate, and the impact that this can have on a company and the employee can be damaging, so we know how essential it is that we make the correct match. Agencies often prioritise speed over quality, but this can end in poor matches and compromised service. As a consultancy, we provide a much more in-depth service than merely filling roles. We take the time and effort to get to know our clients and their businesses, understanding their goals, objectives and culture, so that we can offer our experienced, relevant recruitment advice. We make an effort to learn about candidates, more than just taking a look at their CV. We go out of our way to learn about their employment history, their goals and their career aspirations so that we can recommend a position that will aid them in their journeys. With the extra time and care that we are able to take over our work, we are able to be extra confident in our matchmaking skills.

Our philosophy takes the very best qualities of a standard recruitment agency and combines this with our honesty, exuberance, drive and determination. The result is PureKat Consultancy, an honest, hardworking and professional recruitment consultancy. We offer enhanced levels of support and service to our candidates and clients, and we’re thrilled with our great reviews online and the feedback we’ve had personally from businesses and employees alike. We’re absolutely confident in our decision to form a Recruitment Consultancy rather than a Recruitment Agency, and we hope our five star rating shows our commitment to providing an optimum service to our clients.

If you’d like to know more about the bespoke services that we have to offer our clients, or you’re looking for a recruitment consultancy that takes time to get you know your career goals and match you with a relevant position, we would love to hear from you.