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Congratulations you are on your way to securing your next job opportunity!
So what’s next?

Before we can proceed, you will need to complete, digitally sign and send the following forms to finish your application. If you do have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch today.

1. Terms of Engagement

Please click the link below to read, complete and return our Terms of Engagement.

This form is for Agency workers, employed directly by PureKat Consultancy Ltd.

2. References

Please provide information for two professional references based on your recent job offer.

Reference One

Reference Two

3. 48hr Opt-out Form

A workers agreement to opt-out of the 48hr maximum working week.

Please click the link below to complete the form.

4. HMRC Starter Checklist

Step 1
Please complete the online HMRC Starter Checklist form in full, once complete please save a PDF copy.

Step 2
Upload Completed HMRC Starter Checklist to our database using the form below.

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