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Temporary Recruitment

“Do actions agree with words? There's your measure of reliability. Never confine yourself to the words.”

Frank Herbert

Many companies struggle with managing their staffing levels to meet increasing demand caused by seasonality, an upturn in orders or employee absences. The natural solution is to recruit temporary employees however, there is a perception amongst businesses that this route may be fraught with problems.

Recruiting temps can be a minefield.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find and recruit the right people and then you have to manage them! There is a significant amount of legislation and red tape surrounding the employment of temporary, casual and agency staff.  It is hardly surprising that many businesses shy away from this recruitment solution for fear of getting it wrong.

Why use PureKat Consultancy for your temporary recruitment requirements?

Frequently, the circumstances that are driving a requirement for extra staff are already causing stress. For example, securing an unexpected contract when you are already running at capacity or an employee going off suddenly with a serious illness.

With our understanding of the intricacies in recruiting temporary employees, the PureKat team can alleviate your stress levels almost instantly. Every day we are involved with hiring temps across key industry sectors, at all skill levels, from pickers and packers to project managers. The goal is to find the best people for your temporary vacancies as quickly and cost effectively as possible without creating an additional burden on your time.

Reliability is the star attribute when it comes to temporary staff.  The PureKat team has an instinct for identifying dependable, competent candidates. It is a gift that goes beyond the mechanical matching of keywords on a CV with your requirements.

Seven Steps to Finding the Perfect Employee for your Temporary Vacancy

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Step 1


We listen to your requirements. We understand the permanent job you wish to fill. We learn about the team, your company values, culture, and the type of person you feel would be a good fit. If you have a detailed job description, we ask you for it.  If there is no job description, in conjunction with you, we create one. We tailor our recruitment service to fit your exact requirements knowing that every business is different and we respect that.

Step 2


Next, we create a succinct, eye-catching job advert and advertise your permanent vacancy on a number of different job boards.  We use our social media platforms to promote the position to a wider audience. At this stage, we do not reveal your company name.

Step 3


From responses received, we identify suitable people. We also discuss the role with prospective candidates already registered with PureKat. The candidates IDs are verified; any gaps on their CVs questioned and only then are a selection of carefully vetted CVs allowed to hit your inbox for review.

Step 4


Once we have a list of suitably qualified candidates, a convenient time for first interviews is arranged.  Next, we review the candidates with you and to establish if second interviews are required. If so, we will also coordinate.

Step 5


We make the offer (conditional on references) to the successful candidate on your behalf. Where possible we gain detailed references from previous employers. If this is not achievable, we confirm the candidates work history, dates and job titles to prove that the information provided by the candidate is correct. On acceptance, we facilitate the signing of the contract and agree a start date.

Step 6


A successful placement is not the end of the story.  We keep in touch to ensure that both you and the candidate are happy. The PureKat 12 month monetary rebate ensures you will not be left “high and dry” if the candidate does not work out.

The PureKat Guarantee

Quick Kats...

When you need temp staff you usually need them at short notice. We get that.  PureKat is agile, we do not subscribe to the “9-5, out of the door” philosophy. If a client needs our help, we respond and do whatever it takes to get the right candidate for them – pronto. After making a successful placement, we remain accessible in case further support is required.

pure kat guaranteed recruitment services for employers
pure kat recruitment services for employers

Intuitive Kats

Perhaps because the PureKat team have had rich and varied life and work experiences prior to our careers in recruitment we are pretty good at reading people. Our sixth “Spidey” sense is rarely wrong.  We can spot a reliable, capable, motivated candidate in a crowd of applicants. Being intuitive is a characteristic we are proud to possess.

Cooperative Kats

Every business is unique and has different requirements when it comes to the recruitment of temporary staff.  Whether you are looking for someone to fill a short-term contract, a casual employee or an agency worker, we can help. You will not be sold a pre-packaged recruitment service. The PureKat Consultancy recruitment solution is always tailored to your company’s specific needs.

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Candid Kats

If we cannot help you to recruit a suitably experienced and enthusiastic temporary employee, we will tell you up front.  There is simply no point wasting your time or ours – it is far too precious a commodity. Rest assured we are always honest and upfront in our dealings with clients and candidates.

Our Credentials

At PureKat, we’re a little quirky but very professional. We follow the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Code of Professional Practice and hold a Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence. The GLAA licence is particularly relevant when we are recruiting for clients in the agriculture, horticulture, packaging and processing sectors. Find out more about our credentials on the Compliance page »

REC Corporate Member - PureKat Consultancy
GLAA registered recruiter

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