What happens next

What happens next?

Thank you for registering with PureKat Consultancy

Your details will now be added onto our database with the information that you have supplied, along with your own CV

what happens next pure Kat consultancy

Our experienced Managing Consultants who work closely alongside our clients will discuss your skills & experience to see if they are currently recruiting 

On a weekly basis, your details are sent over to our clients, alongside other candidates to see if our clients would like to consider you for any current or future roles

Once a suitable role becomes available, one of the team will be in contact

Your CV is not sent with any of your personal details 

All your information is in compliance with the current GDPR regulations

Our team are here to assist you and would like to stay in touch, so if we can help with anything else, please feel to contact us;

Tertia Terry - Candidate Manager

Tertia Terry
Candidate Manager

t: 01440 844768
e: tertia@purekat.co.uk