Temporary Work

Been successful for a Temporary Booking?

Temporary Employment

"The future depends on what you do today"

Between jobs? Suffered redundancy? Unsure which direction to take with your career?

You may wish to fill in a gap in your experience or ensure there are no gaps in your CV whilst you look for a full time position. Maybe you think a temporary placement will open the door to a permanent position. Alternatively, perhaps you just enjoy the freedom, flexibility and variety that being a temp allows.

Whatever the reason for looking for a temporary vacancy you will want to ensure that the organisation you work for has the right approach when it comes to temps.

You need to be confident that you are employed in accordance with the strict employment legislation surrounding temporary employees.  Aside from your legal rights as an employee, you will also want to be treated as a valued member of the team.

Why use PureKat Consultancy to find your next temporary position?

Over the last few years, there has been plenty of bad press surrounding the poor treatment of temporary workers. Leaks on “sharp practices” by corporate giants have highlighted the plight of all employees but particularly temporary agency workers.

At PureKat Consultancy, we are very ‘picky’ about who we deal with. Our team is committed to eliminating modern slavery and any form of exploitation.

A very different candidate experience.

The PureKat mission is to deliver a very different candidate experience to the standard recruitment or staffing agency, an experience that begins with our dedicated Candidate Manager, Tertia.

We understand the local temp job market in the Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk areas. An awareness of the skills that employers are looking for and the peak time for extra staff means we know what type of temporary employees are going to be needed and when.

We are building a pool of temps with a range of skills and capabilities suited to the needs of the employers in the areas we serve. Join us.

jump aboard the temp train

Be proactive

Temp jobs often need to be filled very quickly. It is a good idea to send in your CV so that we have your details pre-registered on our database of candidates looking for temporary roles. We can then contact you if a suitable temporary vacancy becomes available.

It is also worth following PureKat on Twitter and Facebook, as you will find all our temp recruitment opportunities promoted on our social media channels. 

How to apply

To apply for a specific temporary job that we have advertised on one of the major job boards, such as Reed or CV Library, you can upload your CV via the job board.

Alternatively, you can also apply by uploading your CV to our Pre-register form or  send it direct to our Candidate Manager, Tertia.

Upload your CV


Your CV is reviewed to check that you have the qualifications, skills and any licences or accreditations required for the temporary role.  If so, we will call you to discuss your CV in more detail and to establish your suitability for the placement.  If we are confident that you would be right for the position, we will verify your identification and register your details onto our secure candidate database.

What happens next will depend upon the type of temporary role we are looking to fill. 

Temporary – typically, the demand is immediate and we will need you to start work the next day.  In this scenario, the PureKat team will make the recommendation on who should be recruited to the employer. If the placement does not work out, for either party, we will provide feedback.

Temporary to permanent roles and fixed-term temporary – for the majority of these positions, the process is as outlined below.

Preparation of your CV

We check the spelling and grammar of your CV and remove your personal details to protect your identity. Your CV is copied onto PureKat headed paper and sent to the employer for consideration.

Client Feedback

The employer tells us if you are to be invited for an interview and we agree a date and time.  If you are unsuccessful at this stage, we will let you know and provide any feedback received from the employer.


If you receive an invitation, we ensure you are fully prepared before you meet the employer.  At this point you will be given the employer’s details, so that you can do some research prior to the interview.  We will send you the PureKat version of your CV and a copy of our First Interview Tips. If required, we will also provide coaching from our Recruitment Consultant.

If you are unsuccessful, we will provide feedback from the employer and tips for future interviews.


If a job offer is made, we will ensure we have all the appropriate details and completed forms for compliance purposes and will request references.


During your assignment, we will keep in touch to ensure that all is well in your temporary role.

The PureKat Promise

Caring Kats...

At PureKat, you are treated as a real person, with feelings and emotions. The team understand that being a temp can be tough, mentally and physically.

It is not easy being the “new kid on the block” all the time. There is the potential to feel isolated when you do not know anyone. Our Candidate Manager, Tertia, is on hand to ensure that this does not happen – she’ll be in touch to find out how you are doing.

pure kat guaranteed recruitment services for employers
pure kat recruitment services for employers

Curious Kats...

We ask a lot of questions, it’s part of our vetting process. We need to know you are who you say you are and that your qualifications and experience check out.

When you turn up at the client’s place of business, you are representing PureKat. Our reputation rests on the quality of people we provide to employers.

No 'chaos' Kats

Organising temporary employees can be manic.  Often the extra help is needed immediately. Just like a military campaign, the PureKat team has to mobilise reinforcements at speed! 

Fortunately, our organisational skills, clear communication and attention to detail ensure that our temps are where they need to be when they need to be there. This reduces chaos, and stress levels, all round.

attentive kat

Respectful Kats

In our experience, temporary employees can add real value to a company.  You can bring a fresh perspective, inject a new level of enthusiasm and have an instant impact in relieving the pressure on the existing team.

We promise to treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

Honest Kats

Communication with our temporary candidates is always clear and transparent.

Our promise is to steer away from recruiters jargon and to speak in plain English. The aim is to be totally honest and fair in everything we do and for that level of honesty to be reciprocated.

Our Credentials

PureKat is a bit quirky but very professional. We do not subscribe to any “sharp practices”. We follow the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Code of Professional Practice in the way we deal with all our candidates whether temporary or permanent. We also hold a Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence. The GLAA licence is particularly relevant when we are recruiting for temporary employees in the agriculture, horticulture, packaging and processing sectors. Find out more about our credentials on the Compliance page.