Permanent Employment

Permanent Employment

Been successful for a Permanent Interview / Job placement?

"The distance between your dreams, aspirations and success is your action or non-action."

Thabisile Ledwaba

Are you feeling undervalued, unsupported, unappreciated in your existing job? 

Are you worried that you are no longer learning or growing because there is no employee personal development plan in place?  

Perhaps you have simply moved to a new area or returning to work after a career break?

Alternatively, you might just be starting out on your working life adventure after leaving school or graduating from university.

There are multitudes of reasons why people decide to look for a new job but there is a common goal. They want to work for an organisation where they feel happy turning up every day. Clichéd we know, but life is definitely too short to be miserable going to work!

pure kat recruitment services for employers

Why use PureKat Consultancy to find your next permanent position?

Recruiters in general have a bad reputation – that is a fact. The horror stories abound. No call-backs, broken promises, mismanaged expectations, “pimped” out CVs…

Against this backdrop of poor practices and unprofessionalism, the PureKat mission is to demonstrate to candidates that not all recruitment consultants are the same.

The PureKat Consultancy team is committed to delivering a very different candidate experience to the standard recruitment agency, starting with our dedicated Candidate Manager, Tertia.

A thorough understanding of key industry sectors us to match your skills, experience, aptitude, and the values to which you aspire, with suitable employers. Our local knowledge of the Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk job markets ensures we can give you a realistic assessment of what to expect when it comes to salary and benefits.

pure kat recruitment services for employers

Seven Steps to Finding the Perfect Permanent Job

Step 1


You can apply for a permanent job that we have advertised on one of the major job boards, such as Reed or CV Library, by uploading your CV. Alternatively you can apply by uploading your CV onto the PureKat website or email it direct to our Candidate Manager, Tertia.

Step 2


Your CV is reviewed to check that you have the qualifications and skills required for the role.  If so, we will call you to discuss your CV in more detail and to establish if this role would meet your expectations. If we believe there is a good fit, we will need to verify your identification and register your details onto our secure candidate database. Our vetting process is very thorough, as we do not want to waste anyone’s time.

Step 3

Preparation of CV

After we have checked the spelling and grammar your CV is copied onto PureKat headed paper and your personal details are removed to protect your identity.  Your CV is then submitted to the employer.

Step 4

Client Feedback

The employer will advise if you have been successful in proceeding to the interview stage.  If unsuccessful, we will let you know and pass on any feedback from the employer. We will, if you wish, send your CV speculatively to our other clients and promote your skills through our social media channels.

Step 5


If you are invited for interview, we will ensure that you are fully prepared before you meet the employer.  You will receive a copy of our first interview tips and coaching from our Recruitment Consultant. We will give you the employer’s details, so that you can carry out your own research prior to the interview, and we will send you the PureKat version of your CV.

If unsuccessful, we will provide feedback from the employer and some pointers for future interviews.

Where a second interview is required, you will receive further coaching from our Recruitment Consultant.  Again, if you are unsuccessful feedback will be given and the opportunity offered to send out your CV speculatively to other clients.

Step 6


If you are offered a position, we will ensure we have all the appropriate details and completed forms for compliance purposes and we will request references.

Step 7


During the first 12 months following your appointment, we will keep in touch to make sure that you are happy and settling well in your new role.

The PureKat Promise

Caring Kats...

We just love people!   We view our candidates as real people with emotions and feelings. People with real lives that our action or inactions, will affect in a positive or negative way. We do what we say we are going to do.

We care about our candidates and want to achieve the best outcome for them. There is genuine excitement and celebration within the PureKat team when one of our candidates secures a permanent job.

pure kat guaranteed recruitment services for employers
pure kat recruitment services for employers

Curious Kats

At PureKat, we are naturally inquisitive and interested in our candidates. 

We ask many questions, some of them challenging, but we listen hard to the answers. That is what sets us apart from our fellow recruiters. Our goal is crystal clear – to get the right person for the right job in the right company. It’s what our reputation depends upon.

Candid Kats

No one likes being told “porkies”, “little white lies” or given empty promises. It is plain disrespectful. Sometimes, when a candidate has not interviewed well, just missed out on their dream job, or has unrealistic salary expectations, we have to have frank conversations or bear bad news.  On those occasions, we do not bury our head in the sand, switch off our mobiles and ignore emails. We take a deep breath and have the discussion but – we are always courteous and respectful.

attentive kat

Relevant Kats

PureKat clients are never “spammed” with irrelevant CVs.  When you submit your CV to PureKat you can rest assured that it is only sent to organisations where there is a fit with your qualifications, experience and values.

That is an absolute promise.

Respectful Kats

Time always seems to be in short supply. This is the reason why our Candidate Manager, Tertia, reviews your CV and briefs you so thoroughly on the position.  We respect our candidate and client’s time.



Honest Kats

We never place false job adverts in an attempt to get CVs from candidates.  If you see a job advertised by PureKat it will be for a genuine position.

Kats Credentials

PureKat is a bit quirky but very professional. We follow the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Code of Professional Practice in the way we deal with candidates.  We also hold a Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence. Find out more about our credentials on the Compliance page.

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