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Many businesses think that using the services of a recruitment consultant is a costly way to hire staff. We beg to differ.

There is a skill to identifying the right candidate for a job vacancy. It is a time consuming process, especially when you are already running at 100 miles an hour doing your “day job”. It can also be a compliance nightmare. There are so many things to consider, from Modern Slavery to Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

Pure Kat Consultancy Perfection in Recruitment

Norfolk HR Recruitment Services

We share a common goal with our clients – to find you the best person for your vacant position with as little impact on your time as possible.

A thorough understanding of key industry sectors combined with our local knowledge of the Norfolk HR job market helps us identify the right candidates.

The recruitment process at PureKat is like an iceberg. Our clients only see the tip of that iceberg and not all the activity that is taking place below the surface, which is exactly how it should be!

The PureKat team have an uncanny knack for matchmaking. Probably because our candidate selection process does not rely purely on matching a number of keywords on a CV with what is on the job specification. There is definitely a lot more to it than that.

Just like our feline friends, the most flexible of all domestic animals, at PureKat we know all about the importance of flexibility.

Forget the one size fits all approach, the squeezing a square peg into a round hole or selecting from a set menu of services.

When you work with PureKat for your Norfolk HR recruitment services, you will receive a recruitment solution that is tailored exactly to your company’s specific needs. Totally bespoke and “purrfect” for you.

Our objective is to create relationships built on trust and mutual respect and to add real value to your organisation.

You can rest assured that PureKat will never “take your money and run”. We did not build our Norfolk HR recruitment consultancy on making a quick buck.

Our fees are fixed, transparent, and never based upon what we think we can squeeze out of you! The fee is a set percentage of the agreed salary, regardless of your company size or industry sector.

If no placement is made, there is no fee.

People are what make organisations stand out from their competitors. An organisation’s employees can make or break the company reputation. A job in the HR and Recruitment sector can involve recruiting and selecting the best candidates, retaining them and keeping them motivated to perform well within the company. Ensuring companies stay within the ever-evolving employment legislation is also a key area of HR and recruitment.

Job roles within HR and Recruitment are varied but all require excellent communication skills, patience, sound judgement, good listening skills and close attention to detail.

Whether you are an experienced HR professional looking for your next career move or a school leaver wanting an entry-level position in this interesting sector please get in touch.

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Pure Kat Consultancy Perfection in Recruitment
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