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How To Complete Your Timesheet

Once you’ve accepted and started your job, you’ll need to complete weekly timesheets using GEMS to ensure that you are paid correctly.

Your Timesheets

Please make sure you have supplied us with a P45 or completed an HMRC Starter Check List to avoid emergency tax.

PureKat operates an online timesheet system – You will be sent an email with an online timesheet link from GEMS

You will be issued with a temporary password to log in for the first time. Once you have logged in for the first time, please change your password to one that is unique to you for all your future
timesheet requirements.

Login details;
1. Username – personal email address
2. Password – temporary password will be issued when you are set up via GEMS

Converting Time to Decimals

0.25 = 1⁄4 hour
0.5 = 1⁄2 hour
0.75 = 3⁄4 hour

For example, If you work 37 & 1⁄2 hours per week, this would be 37.5 on your timesheet

N.B: Please upload your hours in 15 min increments

Timesheet Timetable

Friday – Candidates will login and upload their core hours and overtime onto their timesheet, ready to be approved
Friday / Monday – Client will receive confirmation via email confirming that there are hours to be approved
Tuesday – PKC will receive notification to process pay via GEMS portal
Thursday – Candidate will receive their payslip via email

Holiday Leave

Candidates will liaise with the PKC representative via email regarding holiday entitlement. All holiday will need to be authorised by the client.
Client will leave the candidates timesheet blank for the holiday days requested.

Candidate Benefits

• Submit hours online
• Download payslips
• See work history
• Update your availability on the calendar

Questions / Enquiries

• Once you are logged into GEMS, there is a help button
• Otherwise, please feel free to contact PureKat directly.

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